Victims For Sale: A Review

It had been a long time since I read a mystery thriller so when the opportunity to read and review this one came I couldn’t say no and I am glad that I took it up!

Coming to the review, ‘Victims For Sale’ had elements I liked and others which I did not. To begin with, ‘Victims For Sale’ by Nish Amarnath is an ultimate page turner and the storyline is gripping and full of mystery and suspense. It is the story of Sandy Raman who moves from Mumbai to London to get over things and to test her fortune and talent. The first few pages tell us about her struggle to settle in a new city and the family she’s living with as a paying guest . There’s something fishy with the family Sandy’s staying with and she realises it but there’s hardly anything she could do about it.

However, the story is not just about Sandy. It’s complex and varied with many characters and even more plot twists. The story takes an interesting turn when Sandy receives a death threat as she is working on an assignment and what looks relatively simple is indeed very complex and when she discovers that the family she is living with is involved in the racket too, she is caught off guard. But what unfolds further is shocking and the climax is kinda unexpected.

As I said earlier, there are many interesting plot twists that make it a gripping read. However, what I did not like was how naive Sandy was and that made me irate. She was a teenager and perhaps that’s how the author wanted to project her . Another thing that I did not like was the ‘Karan Johar’ effect which made me go ‘🙄’ every time. For example, ‘He yanked his ‘Ray Ban’ sunglasses.’ and ‘You can do some shopping at TESCO if you like. Paul will take you in the ‘BMW’. Now I understand, this was done to establish the fact that this was an affluent family and the people were well off but the repetition was irritating. Other than that, it was an intersting read and you should pick it up.

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