Why Reading Multiple Books At A Time Helps!

This post is going to be slightly different. Its not a book review, so bear with me.

So, I have been repeatedly asked a lot of questions about how and why I read multiple books at a time and I am sure a lot of you too would havd been. So, I decided to pick out the most frequently asked questions and answer them.

Four Questions About Why And How I Read Multiple Books At A Time

How do you read so many books at a time?

I read so many books at a time because I like it. I like it because it gives me to expand my horizons. Also, it does not make it too heavy when I am reading an extremely sad book.

Does it not get confusing? Too many plots, too many characters?

Honestly, I have been reading that way since the last five years and it does not get confusing. In fact, it helps in all ways.

Are you sure when you review these books that you do justice to each one of them because perhaps you take too much time and read others before reviewing a particular one?

Well, I always pen down my thoughts whenever I am reading a book and make sure I have written down a review in two days maximum after I finish a particular book. So, I believe I do complete justice to every book I review.

Do you do it for bookstagram?

No, in all honesty I do not do it for bookstagram. I have been reading multiple books at a time since my graduation days but I started bookstagram a few months back, so you can decide for yourself.

These are my reasons for reading multiple books at a time. It honestly helps! Also, these four books in the pictures are what I am currently reading.

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