The Free Voice By Ravish Kumar- A Review!

Have you ever felt fear just by the mere thought of talking about something? Have you ever been scared to read something? Have you felt that maybe talking about a book can be troublesome for you and can show your political standing (which just by the way if it doesn’t support the majority ‘idiotic’ viewpoint) can make you lose your job or wait, maybe even land you in prison!

We all saw what happened to Munawar Faruqui for something he didn’t even do. We all remember Gauri Lankesh. We have seen Umar Khalid in jail for a goddamn statement. We have seen Diljit Dosanjh’s funding sources being investigated just because he supported the protesting farmers. Well, we are living in crazy times so I’m scared to talk about this because I don’t know what can happen to me just for reviewing a book but I know something, I know it’s important to speak, even more important to speak when you have the platform and reach, I know it’s my duty to speak because we are living in crazy times and if we don’t speak up now we might never be able to.

“My speaking up, and it’s being viewed within the framework of courage, all thanks to what happened after 2014. Post 2014, the political winds began to change course… The IT Cell rapidly transformed media into ‘godi media’ –lapdog media. Many anchors and journalists crept into the laps of power and began chanting the Modi Chalisa.”- Ravish Kumar.

Simply put, ‘The Free Voice’ is a book that mirrors our times. We are living in scary times and this is a book that brings that brings you face to face with that reality. This is a book that should be required reading for every Indian no matter what your political standing is. This is a book that is an eye opener. The book focuses on what is wrong with this country and its people.

The funny thing for me was here we have a senior journalist raising concerns which should be raised by the youth, by our parents, by us and everyone else. Here is a man who’s put his life on the line but hasn’t stopped doing his work and the least we can do is to read what he has written. And ask questions. It’s important to do so, always remember that!

2 thoughts on “The Free Voice By Ravish Kumar- A Review!

  1. Great post. Ravish kumar is a gem which our country needs in plenty. He is the one who on his prime time at 9 pm actually raises concerns which should matter, like petrol price, gas cylinders price, jobs, directionless privatization, and not those tweets or that share of tool kit by few indians.


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