The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini- A Review!

Genre: Historical Fiction

“For you a thousand times over.”
– Khalid Hosseini, The Kite Runner

Every time I see someone captioning their picture with this, the book lover in me, or rather the Khaled Hosseini lover in me almost screams; Do you even frikkin’ know what you are referring to. Man! This statement and how its placed in the novel and what it all communicates, its so-so heartbreaking.

“The Kite Runner” was special in so many ways. My best friend gifted me this book. Honestly, no one in this entire universe could’ve thought of something better as a parting gift. Next, the book has everything, its so-so complete. This was my first Hosseini book and honestly I believe he just gets better. Whatever he wanted to achieve with ‘The Kite Runner’, he has.

Hosseini with his writing doesn’t touch your heart, he goes deep inside and honestly just stays there. Your heart breaks for so many reasons while reading this, and from the shards of a broken heart you feel the pain, the cruelty, the injustice, and the most importantly the truth. That is what this novel does. It makes you feel the truth, the truth of betrayal, the truth of loyalty, and the truth about the power of evil.

On the surfacial level, it’s a story about a liberal father, two friends ( a Hazara and a Pashtun, only mentioning it because it is central to the novel ), about what the leader of Taliban would have been like, about religion but on a deeper level, its about so much more. What I take from this book was Hassan’s forgiveness and his kindness. It’s something that makes you cry but somewhat happy too. His unconditioned loyalty made me believe that there must be a way to be good, after all of that. Ending this with the hope that “There are enough kites in heaven for Hassan to run after.”

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