Let’s Take A Virtual Trip!

"Mujhe khabar thi mera intizar ghar mein raha,Yeh haadsa tha ki main umr bhar safar mein raha."-Mir Taqi Mir Last night while going through my gallery I was filled with nostalgia and I realised 'life's not a bed of roses.' In fact, it's far from it and the thought left me thinking and I even … Continue reading Let’s Take A Virtual Trip!

Stories On The Village By Premchand

Premchand is a writer I have grown up reading. A fond memory that I have of him is reading his stories in Hindi in my school years. I remember every year there was at least one story by him in my syllabus and although the reason then used to be teaching us morality, his stories … Continue reading Stories On The Village By Premchand