Independent Bookstores In Delhi That Should Be On Every Bibliophile’s Radar!

It might be the time of Kindles and Tablets but nothing beats the joy of holding a book in your hands, the smell of the pages, the blurb, and standing in a store and trying to get through the introduction to get a fair idea about what the book is all about. Oh, come on! Don’t be so dramatic we have all done it. Bookstores are a blessing and when you live in the capital city you obviously have a lot of choices. Delhi spoils you with choices and you might not have the time to visit all the bookstores on your radar and that’s where this guide comes into picture. Listed here are 6 bookstores in Delhi that you can not miss out at any cost!

6 Boookstores In Delhi Every Dilliwala Should Check Out!

To the bookstores that always have the books you need, the bookstores that make you feel good on sad days, the bookstores who are always warm and inviting and the ones that you must visit when you are in Delhi.

1. Bahrisons Booksellers

Go for the books, stay for the coffee! This is not just a bookstore but also offers you great coffee by Blu Tokai Coffee Roasters! The legacy of this place speaks for itself. Established in 1953, Bahrisons is one of Delhi’s most popular bookstores. Tucked in the by lanes of Khan Market, Bahrisons Booksellers is an iconic bookstore that has a great collection to browse through and have every Man Booker Prize winner book available with them. Now if that’s not amazing, I don’t know what is!

Nearest Metro Station: Khan Market (On the Violet Line)
Follow Them On Instagram Here: @bahrisons_booksellers

Picture Courtesy: Bahrisons Booksellers.

2. Midland Book Shop

A childhood favourite among Delhiites, Midland Book Shop is a cutesy little bookstore in Delhi’s Aurobindo Market and is a family run bookshop. They always have the best recommendations and you will always find the latest and the most interesting books by Indian authors. Their comic book and graphic novel collection is to die for and if you want a book that is not readily available then they are more than willing to get it for you. During the lockdown this was the bookstore that I got so many books from and their service and rocket delivery speed was the best thing about it!

Nearest Metro Station: Hauz Khas (On the Magenta & Yellow Line)
Follow Them On Instagram Here: @midlandbooksofficial

Picture Courtesy: Midland Book Shop

3. Full Circle

The one bookstore I never want to get out of! Their warm and inviting ambience, the beautiful shelves and the best titles makes sure you never step out of the store empty handed. Not just that you can also find books from every genre at Full Circle and it sure is every book lover’s dream come true. Once you are done with book shopping and and find a good read then you can also go on and check out the amazing Cafe Turtle whose elaborate menu and delicious food will leave you asking for more!

Nearest Metro Station: Khan Market (On the Violet Line)
Follow Them On Instagram Here: @fullcircleandcafeturtle

Picture Courtesy: Full Circle & Cafe Turtle.

4. Faqir Chand & Sons

Short on money? Looking for a second hand book? Looking for a book that you are not able to find anywhere else? Looking for a selected edition or a rare book? If the answer to any of those questions is yes then you need Faqir Chand & Sons in your life. Books, some more books, and some more- that’s what Faqir Chand & Sons looks like and I love every bit of it! I get Anemoia whenever I feel this store! The feeling of nostalgia and the old world charm of this store is what draws me towards it, every single time!

Nearest Metro Station: Khan Market (On the Violet Line)
Follow Them On Instagram Here: @faqirchandbookstore

Picture Courtesy: Faqir Chand & Sons.

5. Oxford Bookstore

Chances are that if you have been to Connaught Place you would have crossed this bookstore or even stepped in. If you haven’t then trust me you are missing out on something that is amazing and offers you not only some amazing titles but also good food. That’s right, with an in house cafe, the Oxford Bookstore sitting in the heart of the city is the best place to meet up with fellow readers. Browse through their huge collection and check out the amazing stalls where you can get amazing stationery items like journals, calligraphy pens, tote bags and diaries with cute and funky designs. Two of my favourite stalls that I fully recommend for cutesy journals, tote bags, paper lamps, framed posters and bookmarks among other things are Artykite and Atulyakala!

Nearest Metro Station: Rajiv Chowk (On the Blue & Yellow Line)
Follow Them On Instagram Here: @oxfordbookstores

Picture Courtesy: Oxford Bookstores.

6. The Bookshop

An old favourite among Delhiites, The Bookshop is a classic. The likes of Arundhati Roy, Khushwant Singh and William Dalrymple frequent this bookshop and it’s cosy and warm interiors are inviting. From literary fiction to graphic novels and biographies to crime and mystery thrillers there is something for everyone in this bookshop. It might be hard to find it as its tucked in the by lanes of Jor Bagh but it definitely is worth it. You can easily spend a day in here and your experience would be memorable.

Nearest Metro Station: Jor Bagh (On the Yellow Line)
Follow Them On Instagram Here: @thebookshopjb

Picture Courtesy: The Bookshop

So, these are the six bookstores in Delhi that should definitely be on your radar, the next time you visit Delhi. If you are a Dilliwala and you have yet not visited these bookstores then what are you even doing? Put your time to some good use and head to these bookstores and thank me later! Even if you don’t read much get something for your reader, nerdy friends or partner or maybe your parents ya! They will definitely love you more, I promise!

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