Books Are My Escape- Here’s Why!

“That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.”
-Jhumpa Lahiri

I have been to Dehra with Rusty, to London with Tridib, to Lahore with Nida, to Lucknow with Amma Bi, to Afghanisthan with Hassan, to Kashmir with Shalini, and to pre partition India with so many that I can’t even remember. Oh! Did that seem like someone has started writing on a whim and did not give any context or a random person blabbering? Apologies guys, I was so overwhelmed by emotions when I thought I will be talking about books today!

Books and reading come to me very naturally. They seem like something that has been gifted to me by my grandmother and mother. Yes, my grandmother used to read too! She read quite a few magazines till the end and even as a kid I used to be so surprised to look at her because well looking at someone who is so lost in what they are reading is honestly quite intriguing.

Books to me have always seemed like home. With every book I read and every story I let myself be a part of, my journey advanced and so did my love for narratives and my desire to know the world grew. I believe ‘Exploring the world through narratives’ is the most beautiful way to get to know about the beauty of the world and understand magic.

Many of us might have grown up listening to ‘Books are our best friend.’ and to an old soul millennial this statement is the truest truth. Books are something that unlike people never leave. They stay, always! And over the years you might forget about their existence ut once you return to them and hold them and hug them you feel the same feeling as you felt for the first time as you held it and nostalgia will hit you hard. I prefer reading! Once you read a book you will never again be the same person and the feeling that you will get is indescribable.

Books also makes you feel things which you never knew you were capable of feeling, they make you look at things that you perhaps have never thought of, of thoughts that you never thought you were capable of thinking and if you are lucky enough then a book will also make you fall in love with itself! There, these are all my reasons that make me feel books are my escape. Tell me yours?

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