Decoding A Soulful Melody- Iktara

You know what? No matter how much I try writing about this song I will always fall short. That’s because it is so much more than just that, a song. It is a melody that always manages to pull the strings of our heart and a song that takes us back to the beautiful moments we spent with that special someone. A song that shows our heart the endless possibilities, a song that speaks to us in so many ways and tells us to never stop dreaming. A song that forces us to stop and look at the hidden magic that life is.

“Oh re manva tu toh baanwra hai,
Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai…
Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai baanwre,
Kyu dikhae sapne sote jaagte!”

A song so relatable in its simplicity, a song so relatable in its essence. Calling her heart a nomad, here is a girl who has come here to explore where her heart leads her. She knows she might find herself somewhere she didn’t expect but that’s the beauty of letting your heart take charge, isn’t it? She calls her heart a nomad and addresses its wandering and search for solace and somewhere unknowingly thanks it for making her that dreamy eyed kid. Remember the time when tucking those strands of hair behind your ears you used to daydream and thought about the multitude of depths that love opened in front of you? Yes, that’s how she feels, maybe somewhat.

‘Iktara’, feels like an ode to the free and unbound heart, a heart which you wish to be led by no matter what the destination is. Like an excited friend who is always keen on undertaking it adventure and finding beauty and perhaps love amidst it all, in the moments and the epiphanies, Iktara convinces you to take a journey, a journey to an unknown destination, a journey that leads you to love. A journey that convinces you that all of this is love. It does not matter if its short lived, unrequited or maybe doesn’t feel like love at all because the impermanance of it enhances its beauty in a strange way and somehow you want to live it all at once.

“Sunn rahi hun sudh budh kho ke koi main kahani,
Poori kahani hai kya kisey hai pata…
Main toh kisi ki ho ke yeh bhi na jaani,
Rut hai yeh do pal ki ya rahegi sada!”

My favourite lines from the song. Capturing the very essence they tell you how her wandering heart has brought her to a belief, a feeling wherein she can’t distinguish between reality and dreams because they are both equally beautiful. Although she does not know how short lived this ‘ehsaas’ is, she does know that the happiness, the ecstasy that she is feeling is something she has never felt before and she wants this feeling to take over her.

A song that even now strikes a chord with millennials, a song that manages to find its way to our hearts, a song that describes the thoughts in our head and the feelings in our heart and the coherence so beautifully and always calms our minds and tells us to live our lives fully and follow our heart for once and see where it leads us.

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